• WA-234 MONO
  • WA-234 MONO
  • WA-234 MONO
  • WA-234 MONO
**** Due to the high dollar transaction, please email us at info@wooaudio.com or call 1 (872) 222-9667 to make this purchase. ****
  • Priced for one matched pair
  • Estimated lead time is 1 to 2 weeks
  • One set of stock tubes (300B, 6SN7, 274B) are included
  • Power cord and interconnection cables are not included


Our other innovations include:

  • Discrete mono-block, Single-ended, Class-A
  • Output transformer coupled, EI96 Permalloy core
  • All triode drive, no semi-conductors.
  • 2A3/300B/45 power tube via Tube Switching Key
  • Headphone/speaker out via Output Switching Key
  • Cathode / plate output alternation for headphone
  • High and low impedance headphone outputs
  • 6SN7 driver, 5U4G rectifier tube
  • 2 RCA and 1 XLR input
  • 3-pin XLR mono output for headphone
  • Power on plate output 8 watt@300B, 4 watt@2A3, 2 watt@45
  • Frequency response: 5Hz--62 KHz, -2dB on cathode output
  • Seiden 46-position stepped attenuator, M-TubeCap, V-Cap, WBT Speaker binding posts and RCA
  • Cursive aluminum casing with CNC machining
  • Mains supply: 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Weight: 60 lbs per channel

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